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By J. Payne Smith, Jessie Payne Smith

During this significant reference instrument, Jessie Payne Smith has abridged the nice two-volume paintings, 'Thesaurus Syriacus,' by way of her overdue father. yet her job used to be to not easily edit down the sooner, tremendous tomes. She additionally supplied English translations for every access and extra notations. Her father's dictionary had translated every one Syriac note into Latin. The Latin translations made it extra the world over available; yet with the decline of using Latin, it lowered in usefulness. Her labors have insured that it maintains to profit students and scholars of Syriac.

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Dim, uncertain; Jl'.. Ot,:; J~;: dim knowledge. ;~ to glorify. t to glm'y, glorify oneself, boast, with":); l~ O~? ,. &. ~ ;~~t in Thy name, 0 Jesus, will 1 glory. ,;~, JLQJ;~~. Ji~ pt Ji~ rt. ;~. m. dawn, twilight. I'" f I" "'. 1 ,. • { I" ... ::. ut. ~, Imp. ~, act. p. 1 ... ~, I' , pass. p ........ " -,. J'....... ~, ~~, form. ~~ is less common. ~ JL'~ an adulteress standing in confusion at her trial; J~~ L~ ~ he was not ashamed of my chains; L;':'~ ~ do not be in awe of me, i. e. ;. they were ashamed.

D) metaph. space, room, time, delay, opportunity; ? ,;? ~ while there is room for repentance " ~; ~ H1(" ~ while we ltave opportunity, while we are able; ~~ Ht("~; there is a way to climb up, it is possible to ascend; with ~~ to gi'l'e way, place. time or opportunity, to yield, permit,' ~ J't(" ~~ grant me a little space, let me wait a little; Ht(" ~ ». ~ do not let him get an advantage over me. ~l;: ~lt; see ~l. adv. of time, yesterday. ,~r APHEL of A to smoke. UtI" pI. rr f. an ass,' oJrr,~ ~;r lw saddled ltis ass.

B' etng torn or rent in pieces, laceration. ::. , . '" 4 basterna, a closed litter. ::. ::. I - ~ ' .. 4 p. m. gl adness, de Z'19ht, felicity,' a banquet / pl. :Am~? )1'» . sweet or kind words. ::. p1. NWlD~ m. contempt, conJutmg. ::. m 4 ~~ f. or corn. Al'. an owl. L' , Cfl_. ~. ~~, ~~, ~~::. ; the cou1,t-house, council-chamber,' ~~? :-~ affairs of state. b) the spout of a jug. :> p. ,. , '" .. ::. adv. rt. ~&. suitably, rigl~tly. 4 "»Q':> I " ! ::. emetic bulbs. -~ dJ' • • " m. Pers. :> f. dim.

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