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By David Thorne

This dossier features a collection of pages in general relating phonology, morpho-phonology, proverbs and bibliography from «A accomplished Welsh Grammar (Reference Grammars)» via David Thome - a consultant to modern Welsh utilization and takes its examples from modern literary sources.
Этот файл - часть грамматического справочника Валлиийского языка (иначе называемом уэльским), включающий некоторые его разделы, и именно разделы по фонологии, морфемики, а также пословицы и поговорки, библиографию.

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We will see examples of this further on in this book Finally, corpora can be used as sources of illustrative examples for studies which are basically qualitative. A number of different terms have been created to describe these various approaches: ‘corpus-driven’ if you start with as few preconceived theoretical concepts as possible, ‘corpusbased’ if you use corpora and quantitative methods to investigate a problem which is formulated within a particular linguistic theory (this is the most common type), and ‘corpus-aided’ or ‘corpus-supported’ if you use corpora mainly to find illustrative examples.

4 (continued) Verb lemma follow begin bring like going help start run N per million words 460 440 439 424 417 416 414 406 Source: Based on Leech et al. 5 (continued) Adjective lemma far low public available bad main sure clear major economic only likely real black particular international special difficult certain open whole white free short N per million words 288 286 285 272 264 245 241 239 238 236 231 228 227 226 223 221 220 220 220 219 216 207 200 198 Source: Based on Leech et al. 5 tell us how many instances of a particular word or lemma there are in the corpus.

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