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By Nicholas Thieberger

This e-book provides issues within the grammar of South Efate, an Oceanic language of imperative Vanuatu as spoken in Erakor village at the outskirts of Port Vila. it's one of many first such grammars to take heavily the supply of basic info for the verification of claims made within the research. The learn is decided within the context of accelerating awareness being paid to the kingdom of the world’s smaller languages and their customers for being spoken into the longer term. as well as supplying an summary of the grammar of the language, the writer describes the method of constructing an archivable textual corpus that's used to make instance sentences citable and playable, utilizing software program (Audiamus) built during the examine. An incorporated DVD offers a dictionary and finderlist, a suite of interlinearized instance texts and elicited sentences, and playable media types of so much instance sentences and of the instance texts.

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Bound proclitics are portmanteau morphemes that encode subject role, person, and number, and a three-way mood/aspect split of real is, irrealis, and perfect. Nouns are divided between those that take direct possessive marking (typically for inalienable possession) and others. In Chapter 6 I discuss mood and aspect and show that the primary distinction made in South Efate is between realis and irrealis mood, as all proclitics encode mood and as proclitics are obligatory elements in all sentences.

In working to create reusable, citable, and archivable data for South Efate my main effort has been in developing methods for interacting with digital data and then on establishing a repository for safekeeping of that data. 4. Audio-linkage "I! n'est pas d'avantage possible a la linguistique de representer fidelement Ie parler des langues vivantes meme a l'aide de ces transcriptions arbitraires, tout a fait insuffisantes, imaginees faute de mieux, et qu'aucun accord n'est parvenu a uniformiser.

Dahl's (1985) aspect questionnaire data for South Efate (interlinearized). • A lexical database in backs lash or standard format (currently in Shoebox). 3. Language documentation and the South Efate corpus Grammars are necessarily partial documents (as argued by Duranti 1997: 114). They contain analysis of the parts of the language that we currently consider it necessary to include in a style that is currently fashionable. Looking back over grammars written in the past makes one aware of how such fashions change and how difficult it can be to find information about topics not covered in the grammar.

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