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By Alison Haggett

This ebook is open entry less than a CC by means of license and explores the under-researched background of male psychological ailment from the mid-twentieth century. It argues that records suggesting girls were extra prone to melancholy and nervousness are deceptive seeing that they underplay a number of different shows of 'distress' extra universal in men.

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When X-ray results returned with negative results, the man eventually admitted that he had been feeling ‘morose’ and had difficulty sleeping. ’54 Watts published widely on depression and anxiety and included a chapter on the clinical pictures of depression in his muchcited book, Depressive Disorders in the Community, published in 1966. In this publication, he provided numerous case histories of male and Psychological Illness and General Practice 31 female patients who presented with unusual physical symptoms related to psychological disorders.

Studies on psychiatric morbidity Surveys of health and sickness have a long history that begins much earlier than the period that is covered by this book. Early studies were motivated by a desire to produce statistical information about the population, amid concerns about the effects of poverty, poor living conditions and social disorder. 14 However, much earlier, Edwin Chadwick’s The Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population (1842) and the Health of Towns Commission (1843) drew upon interviews and data from Boards of Guardians and general practitioners (GPs).

91 In a study of peptic ulcers in the decade leading up to the Second World War, the leading social researcher, Richard Titmuss, concurred with Ryle that urban metropolitan areas were implicated in the incidence of peptic ulcers, with numbers in London ‘considerably in excess’ of the rest of England and Wales. 93 In recent years, these increases have become the focus of historians, who note the shift from ‘functional somatic disorders’ (such as war neuroses and ‘disordered action of the heart’ which were commonly seen during the First World War) to a rise in numbers of peptic ulcers during the Second World War.

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