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By Carl-Herman Hempen

Phytotherapy or natural drugs is crucial remedy inside of chinese language drugs and is getting used more and more within the West.  A Materia Medica for chinese language drugs: crops, minerals and animal items describes four hundred of crucial vegetation, minerals and animal elements used as remedies by means of chinese language scientific practitioners.  The goods incorporated were chosen in accordance with their measure of medical relevance. each one therapy is obviously defined and illustrated on dealing with pages, making this an simply obtainable reference for either scholars and practitioners of chinese language natural medicine.  The basically laid out textual content provides the next info for every herb or substance integrated: a close description of the attribute beneficial properties indictions for secure use medicinal and poisonous results attainable mixtures with different elements full-colour illustrations, as a rule for every substance, exhibiting the specified characterisitcs of the article defined A Materia Medica for chinese language drugs has been written by means of medically expert medical professionals who've labored as TCM therapists focusing on using chinese language herbs for greater than 30 years.  in response to their decades of training and perform, the publication has been conscientiously compiled and designed to supply a concise and exact practice-based reference for either scholars and practitioners.

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26, Salviae miltiorrhizae radix (dan shen) p. 570 • Painful breast lumps ➔ Angelicae sinensis radix (dang gui) p. 768, Carthami flos (hong hua) p. 528 • Nasal congestion ➔ Angelicae dahuricae radix (bai zhi) p. 22, Magnoliae flos (xin yi) p. 34, Menthae herba (bo he) p. 60 Compatibility • • • • Enhanced by Jujubae fructus (da zao) p. 718 Impaired by Astragali radix (huang qi) p. 706 Limited by Corni fructus (shan zhu yu) p. 822, Talcum (hua shi) p. 340 Incompatible with Veratri nigri radix et rhizoma (li lu) p.

130 • Limited by Acori calami rhizoma (shui chang pu) p. 266 Contraindication deficient yin heat or fire Pregnancy use with caution during pregnancy 35 I Moslae herba Xiang ru Family: Standard species: Variation: German: English: Laminacea Elsholtzia splendens, Mosla chinensis Elsholtziae herba Elsholtzia-Kraut, Kamm-Minzenkraut aromatic madder, elsholtzia Temperature  warm tendency Taste   pungent aromatic Organ relationship    Lung Stomach Spleen Direction of action  ascending, Lung qi descending Site of action Exterior Actions/Indications  Releases the exterior Fever with cold limbs, lack of sweating, summer colds (due to sudden cooling)  Cools summerheat Summer colds (due to sudden cooling), fever, body pain, diarrhoea, shivering  Transforms dampness Headache, fever, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, vomiting  Dispels swelling Oedema, superficial swelling, ascites  Promotes urination Urinary symptoms due to a disruption of the exterior  Expels wind-cold Summer colds, shivering, fever, headache, lack of sweating, body pain, nausea, vomiting  Tonifies and harmonizes the Spleen Retching, nausea, swelling, oedema Physiological/pharmacological effects antipyretic, diuretic, promotes sweating, stimulates gastric juices and peristalsis, broad antibiotic activity, antiviral.

628 • Limited by Magnoliae flos (xin yi) p. 34, Pyrrosiae folium (shi wei) p. 336 Contraindications hypertension; depletion presentations with a tendency to sweat easily and to wheeze Pregnancy use with caution during pregnancy 31 I Ligustici sinensis radix Gao ben Family: Standard species: Variation: German: English: Apiaceae Ligusticum sinense, L. jeholense Ligustici sinensis rhizoma et radix chinesischer Liebstöckel-Wurzelstock Chinese lovage root, ligusticum root Temperature  warm Taste   pungent aromatic Organ relationship  Bladder Signal herb Bladder channel Direction of action  lifting Site of action Head and eyes, nose Actions/Indications  Expels wind Headache, neck pain, pain radiating from the vertex to the upper jaw, back pain due to wind-cold  Relieves pain Headache, pain radiating from the vertex to the upper jaw and teeth, pelvic pain, pain in the genitals, back pain  Releases the exterior Chills, fever, no sweating, nasal congestion, headache  Expels cold Headache, neck pain, pelvic pain, chills, fever  Drains dampness Nasal congestion, pelvic swellings, vaginal discharge  Moves qi Headache, stuffy nose, generalized body pain  Moves blood Headache, neck pain, back pain Physiological/pharmacological effects antibiotic (influenza, skin fungal infections); antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, the volatile oils have an inhibitory effect on the smooth muscle of the intestines and uterus.

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