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65 Hoffman, Inside Terrorism, 33. 1-10 A Military Guide to Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century 15 August 2005 Use of Terror by Nation-States: Is There a Difference? Is there a difference between terrorism and the use of specific tactics that exploit fear and terror by authorities normally considered “legitimate”? Nations and states often resort to violence to influence segments of their population, or rely on coercive aspects of state institutions. Similar to the idea of equating any act of military force with terrorism described above, there are those who equate any use of government power or authority against any part of the population as terrorism.

April 2003), 162-163. 1-17 A Military Guide to Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century 15 August 2005 This internationalization of terrorism has had a direct impact on the United States. S. S. S. S. S. Department of State, Office of the Historian, Bureau of Public Affairs, March 2004 There were 16 significant events in the decade of the 1970s, with 9 of those events involving the United States or its citizens in some fashion. The decade of the 1990s shows an increase in total incidents of nearly 500% over that of the 1970s, and an increase of 644% in incidents involving the United States.

Today, terrorists are organizing themselves in more fluid ad hoc amalgamations of individuals who appear to have been brought together for a specific, “one time only” mission.

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