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G. pasiimi (slave woman), n o v o T i i m i otherwise they are declined like '^euAHX. 1212 The following have this (mistress), Kpi>CTHH\Hiimi (pagan woman), cauapJ-AHIimi woman), BAarocTiimi (goodness), r p i A i i m i (desert); (Samaritan (pride), CBATiimi (holiness). g. 122 below. 122 (basket), U A I H U M (pig). 13 The -L-declension Examples: (guest, m a s c ) , ROCTB UIIUIB Sing. / Aec. rocTb MllUlb rocTn uiimn Gen. rocTM UllUlH ROCTBH) UIINILHO Dat. rOCTH Miimn rocTbUA uiiiukua Instr. rOCTLUL UllUlbh^ rocTkua uiiaibua Loo.

Bt BA Acc. uene, U A TCBS, T A HA BA Gen. M6He TeBe HAhO BAK> BAMA Dat. ULHt, UH T6B6, Ttl HAMA Instr. UIHO TOBO HAM A BAMA Loc. UbHt T6B^ HAK) BAH> Plur. Nom. Ml1 Bl1 Acc. HftCl, Hll BaCl, Bll Gen. Haci Baci Dat. HAMl BAMl Instr. HAMH BaMM Loc. HaOl BRCl There is also a reflexive pronoun which refers to the subject of the sentence and has therefore no nominative: Acc. Gen. oeB6 Dat. CCBfe, CM Instr. COBOK^ Loc. 22 The demonstrative pronouns may end in a hard or a palatal consonant, and the endings vary accordingly, as with nouns.

Neut. fem. /neut. fem. Nom, HOUlb Home Homa HAUIA Houin Acc, HAULK HAUIE HAUia HauiH Gen. Hwuero HameA HaUlhO Hauinua Dat, Homeuovr Hamen Instr. HAULHUK HAUIE lffi Haiunua Loc. HAUIEUB HCUlieM HAUIEHO 46 Plur, maso. neut. HauiA Homa fem. i The pronoun Ob (this) also follows this pattern, but with some alternative irregular forms. 21 above), but the original nomina­ tive form occurs as part of the relative pronoun H x e . Sing. Dual masc. neut. fem. masc. neut. fem. Nom. C L , CMM ce cn CMH\ C M , CMM cn Acc.

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