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By Nick Theiberger

This dictionary has been the fabricated from collaborative paintings with a couple of audio system of the language of South Efate, primary Vanuatu. it's a part of an ongoing undertaking that incorporates the recording of reports within the language, a variety from that's produced as 'Natrauswen nig Efat.'

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Freshwater eel. mra ni ntas n. moray eel, (also: mra maat, mra tfei). See: takto. mra 2 vintr. bleed. Kanonen ito mra. The man is bleeding. mra napuen n_inposs. spinal column. South Efate Dictionary mra nm! a p! mra nm! a p! n. Giant moray eel. Gymnothorax javanicus. mra tfei n. banded snake eel which lives in the sand and is not eaten. mrag vambi. rule, as of a chief ruling a village. See: mermer. mrakor Also: mirakor. n. trap, animal trap. Kafan preg mrakor reki wak. I will go and make a pig trap.

Nkur n. 1) rake, small tree pulled up with roots which are used as a rake to level an oven before laplap is put in. 2) constellation of stars in the shape of the rake of the same name. nlae n. shellfish sp. Bicolor Pen Shell. Pinna bicolor. nlaen n_inposs. 1) fin of a fish. 2) sail, sail-like objects, fin on an Angelfish, type of seashell. nlafkir n. basket, made from coconut leaf, a big version of likat. el; polpol; tasal; napor; sarpotpot. nlag n. wind, air. nlag kerkrai n. gale. nlagwat n. cyclone, storm.

Nua nkas ita met. The fruit is still unripe. met 2 vintr. choose, as in choosing a wife. Me gar ramur rak neu met. They wanted to choose for me. metmaat n. conjunctivitus, pussy eyes (lit: dead eyes). metm! a kur adj. selfish. metmatu vintr. wise, to be. las. He knows about everything to do with the bush. nametmatuan n. knowledge. See: tae; ntaewen. metmatur 1 n. sensitive grass. Mimosa pudica. metmatur 2 adj. sleepy. og api metmatur. I worked yesterday and I have sleepy eyes. metp! a kor vambi.

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