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By Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Yoga isn't an historical fable buried in oblivion.It is the main necessary inheritance of the present.It is the basic want of this day and the tradition of day after today. Swami Sivananda Sarswati. This e-book is the main accomplished textual content ever released on yoga. It encompasses a entire process 36 dependent classes on all of the practices of necessary yoga. the teachings have been compiled from the lessons given by means of Swami Satyananda Saraswati and are precious as a pragmatic and theoretical consultant for all degrees of yoga academics and aspirants. The publication provides a synthesis of yoga in a systematic and systematic demeanour. different branches of hatha yoga, mantra yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and kriya yoga are gradually brought with distinctive emphasis on perform, thought and alertness in lifestyle. comprises line drawings,diagrams and color plates. The intensity of information this e-book includes presents the hyperlink among you,the practitoner of yoga and an skilled advisor and teacher.This hyperlink is your sadhana(spiritual practice),the starting of your internal transformation,spiritual awakening and consciousness of upper beliefs in existence. The options coated during this ebook have their foundation within the historic vedic (tantric and yogic) shastras and have been passed over the centuries from guru to disciple. Now in an age while shuttle and verbal exchange became nearly prompt affairs and there are extra effective tools of disseminating knowledge than the human voice and ear,we desire to provide those transcendatal tools of grace to all who've eyes to learn and ears to listen to.

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Place the left hand on the top of the bent left knee. Relax your whole body, especially the folded leg. Gently push the left knee up and down. 19 l he bent leg should be as relaxed as possible, the movement being applied by the left arm. " Move your knee up and down 50 times. After completing slowly straighten your bent leg, without jerking or twisting the knee. T h e n bend your leg, bringing your heel to the buttocks and lastly straighten it again. This releases muscular tension. Fold your right foot on to your left thigh.

Life a n d b r e a t h are intimately connected. Remember, when a person dies we say that he expires, the same word used for breathing out, or for breath leaving the lungs. We can survive for a few days without drinking water, a few months without taking food, but how long can the average person survive without drawing air into the lungs? In most cases no more than a few minutes. It is written in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the ancient text on yoga: "Life is the period between one breath and the next; a person who only half breathes, only half lives.

Our minds are full of such fears and complexes, and these are the major cause of tension in our lives. Physical manifestations of mental tension Normally the body's muscles are supplied with a continuous weak influx of nerve impulses from the brain. This is known as muscular tone and maintains the muscles in a healthy and prepared condition for instant action if required. Every psycho-physiological disturbance every negative and destructive emotion causes conflict in the brain. This interferes with the normal tonic rhythm of the muscles and keeps them in an abnormally high state of tension This over-activation of the muscles without the corresponding muscular activity results in a continual drain of energy from the body This is like leaving the car lights on - after some time they drain all the power out of the battery.

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