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By Frederick Dale Bruner

Bruner has been either thorough and reasonable, and has written a publication that mixes scholarly learn with positive observation at the existence and challenge of the modern Church.

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1 9 5 0 ) , p. 4 2 2 . T h e crisis of our t i m e s : Paul Fleisch in the conclusion to his m o s t recent study, I I / 2 , 3 8 6 - 8 7 . F o r the Pentecostal interpretation see G e e , Pentecostal Movement, p. 2 ; W i n e h o u s e , Assemblies, p. 14. "The Third F o r c e in Christendom," Life, 44 (June 9, 1 9 5 8 ) , 13. V a n Dusen's third force includes, in addition to the various types of Pentecostals: the Churches of Christ, the S e v e n t h - D a y Adventists, N a z a r e n e s , Jehovah's Witnesses, and Chris­ tian and Missionary Alliance.

67; Sherrill, They Speak with Other Tongues, pp. 4 4 - 4 6 ; N i c h o l , Pentecostalism, pp. 4 6 - 4 8 . 3 5 3 6 E v e n C o n n , w h o w i s h e s to establish the-primacy of his particular southeastern A m e r i c a n Pentecostal body, the Church of G o d , is willing to a c k n o w l e d g e that the 1906 occurrences in L o s A n g e l e s have a special place in Pentecostal history. See his Like a Mighty Army, pp. xxii, 25. Cf. also G e e , Pentecostal Movement, p. 11; Fleisch I I / 2 , 7.

2 3 - 2 4 ; M o r t o n T. Kelsey, Tongue Speaking: An Experiment in Spiritual Experience ( G a r d e n City, N e w Y o r k : D o u b l e d a y and C o . , 1 9 6 4 ) , pp. 6 9 - 7 0 . T h e descriptions of the beginnings of Pentecostalism are legion. T h e N o r t h Carolina origins are treated in C o n n , Like a Mighty Army, passim, especially pp. 1-55. T h e m o r e important T o p e k a beginnings are detailed in almost every study of Pentecostalism, for e x a m p l e m o r e recently in B l o c h - H o e l l , Brumback, Kendrick, N i c h o l , Sherrill.

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