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This dialogue of acupuncture offers details in this widely-used remedy of complementary and substitute drugs, and informs the reader of the price of acupuncture and its most probably position in the NHS.

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They also cannot be used to accurately estimate incidence, since the number of treatments given per year is unknown. A survey, using members of the British Medical Acupuncture Society, of adverse events is currently underway using the spontaneous reporting technique at the Department of Complementary Medicine in Exeter. Aside from academic work to assess the occurrence of adverse events, it is important to consider what individual practitioners can do. Mills (1996) suggests that awareness needs to be raised among CAM practitioners, and recommends that the research departments of the professional CAM organisations establish adverse effect reporting schemes.

Finally, it is important to consider that effectiveness measures in clinical trials do not take into consideration the comparative merits of particular forms of treatment. As health service resources are finite, considerations of cost and unwanted effects of particular treatments need to be considered. In the UK, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence has been established to consider the value of particular treatments in clinical practice, and is well placed to consider acupuncture and produce guidance for the NHS.

The use of the randomised controlled trial in acupuncture studies has been considered a particular intellectual challenge, as it is often considered that there are more potential difficulties than in the randomised, double-blind, crossover controlled clinical trials used to evaluate pharmaceutical agents. A common assertion among skeptics is that the results of complementary therapies, including THE EVIDENCE BASE OF ACUPUNCTURE 23 acupuncture, are built solely on what is known as the placebo effect, that is, an improvement in the condition of an ill individual that occurs in response to treatment but cannot be considered due to the specific treatment used.

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