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If the error is caused by an MS-DOS system call, then doserrno is also set. h as extern int errno; extern doserrno; fmode Turbo C supports two distinct file modes, text and binary, which we'll discuss in detail in Section 3. Usually, the file mode is specified when a file is opened or created. With the Jmode variable, we can globally set the mode for all of the files that we use in a program. h as extern int fmode; This variable can be set to one of the following two modes: File mode 0_TEXT 0_BINARY Description files are opened in text mode files are opened in binary mode The names 0_TEXT and Ο BINARY are predefined terms in Turbo C.

Turbo C supports the full set of preprocessor directives defined by the proposed ANSI C standard. 1. 1. Turbo C preprocessor directives Directive Function #define #elif #else #endif #error #if #ifdef #ifndef #include #line #pragma #undef Define a C macro Specify an else-if condition Specify a conditional part in a macro definition Terminate a preprocessor definition block Stop compilation and displays an error message Examine a compiler condition Test for a macro definition Test for an undefined macro Read the contents of an include file Provide a line number for a compiler message Specify an implementation dependent instruction Undefine a C macro In addition to these standard directives, Turbo C also provides a set of predefined macros which also instruct the compiler to perform certain actions or substitutions.

The Mine directive is a helpful debugging aid. Turbo C also provides another directive, terror, which is used for debugging purposes. The form of this directive is terror message When terror is encountered by the compiler, the compilation process stops and an error message is displayed of the form 47 1 · The World of Turbo C Fatal : filename line Error directive : message where message is the same message specified in the tterror directive. Error messages should not be enclosed in double quotes.

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