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More recently , Donnellan (this volume) has taken the opposite tack. 23 24 On the Origins of Referential Opacity 21 pragmatic ambiguities are by nature nonarbitrary, since they result from inferences based on logical and conversational principles . 2 7 Semantic am­ biguities, however, are often arbitrary. There is a reason why (38) can be understood as a question or as a request, but there is no reason why bank should mean the edge of a river and a financial institution. A semantic analysis of the referential-attributive ambiguity would be to treat it as an oddity of English grammar, or at best as an oddity of linguistic theory.

1 975) " Logic and Conversation, " in P . Cole and J. L. Morgan , ed s . , Syntax and Semantics : Speech A c ts, vol . 3, Academic Pre s s , New York . Guru , K . P. ( 1 962) Hindii Vyaakara"(l [Hindi Grammar] , Naagariipracaarinii Sabhaa, B enares . Kachru , Y . ( 1 973) " Some A spects o f Pronominalization and Relative Clause Construction in Hindi-Urdu , " Studies in the Linquistic Sciences (Department of Linguistic s , University of Illinois) 3 . 2 , 87- 1 0 3 . Kellogg, S . H . ( 1 938) A Granmar of the Hindi Language , 3 d .

Tasweer S yed . J. R . Pool and Narayan Hegde provided data from Turkish and Kannada, res pectively . I am very grateful to them for their as sistance about syntactic points which are never covered in the usual reference grammars . Unles s a bibliographical s ource is indicated, the example sentences were produced by one o r more o f the informants . All examples not i n English are given in a standard roman letter tran scription . Negative Scope and Rules of Conversation 45 REFERENCES B ailey , T .

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