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By Arthur N. Wollaston

This booklet is a facsimile reprint and will comprise imperfections resembling marks, notations, marginalia and wrong pages.

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Tells in his Investigation that "in addition to its course in Egypt the Nile is known in its upper Part from Elephantine Island On, with the exception of a stretch requiring four months by boat or land". Given the difficulties of communication in those days, this is a very considerable expanse. Herodotus also reports on the basis of hearsay that young people had penetrated deeply into the Libyan desert until they had again encountered fertile land inhabited by strangely small people. This report by Herodotus is confirmed by the fact that depictions of pygmies, the small inhabitants of Equatorial Africa, have been found at Sakkara (Egypt) in the tombs of the fifth dynasty (ca.

Instruction in astronomy in ancient times probably began with the student being taken out to a plain that was not bounded in any direction. This is where he first received the impression that heaven and earth touched at a great distance. If the obsemer slowly turned himself around at his observation point 0 ( 0 means observer) the Same picture presented itself to him everywhere. From this he concluded that the sky rested as a hemisphere on a level, circular surface in whose center (0) the observer was standing.

In this way the Hireq became not merely the symbol of an undetermined depth position but the center of the earth and of the universe. To enable him to follow the orbit of the sun, the observer drove a stake into the ground (G) that was at a right angle to the earth's surface, forming a "hook" and serving as a gnomon (A2). The Hebrew word for "stake" or "hook" is "Waw" (' I ). (l4) He realized the sun rise in the East (rising point R) and then ascend to Fiaure 1 describe the beginning of its daily orbit until it reached the zenith (Waw Holem Z, during the equinox on the equator in sphaera recta).

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