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By Richard Cleasby, Volundr Lars Agnarsson, Gudbrand Vigfusson

The main entire and famous outdated Norse to English Dictionary. First released in 1874, this 792 web page model contains the Addendum.

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25 5e ic lufode na for galnesse ac for \ wisdome. The exception in Matt. 10. 34 ne com ic sybbe to sen- danne, ac swurd — may be accounted for by the Latin wordorder (non veni Horn. pacem 234 we have: Ne 1. getimode J)am apostole forsceawodlice, fset he ungeleafful wses J)urh Godes But mittere, sed gladium). — forsceawunge . , where the meaning is: 'it happened not-unprovidentially', as shown by the indicative and by the necessity wses sende of the repetition hit getimode. ME. version ed. by Paues 56 For no3t me for to baptyze, bote for-to preche the Cf.

Matthiesen \ ligemeget hjalp det. -Miiller as a negative, only with bryde fejl Ad. H. 142 1. Du bryder dig jo om feil eiermanden. Among love "to = 'nothing'. marry must ironical expressions This, I take for love, not for antithesis "for love or it, also be originated in the phrase money", whence the common money". Then in the world of games, where mentioned Eng. it is it now the was used extensively usual word in count- ing the score, in tennis, for instance, "love fifteen", meaning that one party has nothing to the other's 15, in football "win- ning by two goals to love", etc.

Cf. Sweet, E. Gr. § 1847 on the difference between we want a and fire to Corresponding words in other languages, ligt, hardly think / think hardly of a person. Dan. vanske- like G. schwerlich, Fr. d peine, also have approximately the value of a negative, though perhaps not quite so much as hardly. Scarcely (obsolete adv. scarce) also "a restricted negative" (= — Note knap, naeppe, knebent, G. kaum. meaning before I (NED. before in Avant de savoir h peine han knap same way Dan. the use after words quot.

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