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"When a dogmatic ideology is embraced because the major precept of presidency, basic person freedoms turn into an unacceptable threat."

Rufus Reed, a former British distinctive Forces officer grew to become debatable best-selling writer, wakes as much as locate himself incarcerated in a mystery CIA 'black-site' legal positioned open air the Uited States and past the succeed in of ordinary felony and moral conventions. Drugged and abducted from his domestic in Marin County close to San Francisco, he has been arrested less than the U.S. Government's international Intelligence Surveillance Act, less than a warrant procured with fabricated facts. yet his tale is simply the end of a fancy and unsafe fight for the survival of democracy within the USA.

Set opposed to the Presidential election of 2008 An Unquiet American is a singular tht defies conference and questions the very textile of yank Democracy.

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To which Lee McClenny replied: 'I am not aware of any link between NATO and "Operation Gladio". '39 And there the matter rested. The CIA, the most powerful secret service of the world, was not more cooperative than the world's largest military alliance when it came to the sensitive issue of Gladio and stay-behind questions. Founded in 1947, two years before the establishment of NATO, the main task of the CIA during the Cold War was to combat Communism globally in covert action operations and promote the influence of the United States.

Refusing to cooperate, the CIA raised FOIA exemptions Bl and B3 and in May 1995 declined all data and responded that it 'can neither confirm nor deny the existence of CIA documentation concerning your inquiry'. The Italian press stressed how 'embarrassing' this was and headlined: 'The CIA has rejected the request to collaborate with the Parliamentary Commission on the mysteries of the kidnapping. '49 The second Gladio inquiry to the CIA by European government officials came from Austria in January 1996 after top secret CIA Gladio arms caches had been 34 discovered in the mountain meadows and forests of the neutral Alpine state.

Could our side have ever done anything comparable? Surely not' he noted with ironical intonation and then turned the spotlight on the Western security services: 'Yet now information has started to emerge of the alleged misdeeds of NATO's most secret services. In Italy a parliamentary commission is investigating the activities of a secret army set up by the state to resist a possible Soviet invasion. The inquiry has led to the disclosure of similar secret forces across Europe. '57 The BBC was unable to get government officials to take a stand on the Gladio affair, and the official confirmation that MI6 had been involved came only years later and through a rather unusual channel: a museum.

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