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By Michael Fordham

Michael Fordham used to be a chum of Jung, made many significant contributions to analytical psychology. This quantity brings jointly his key writings on analytical method. they're very important simply because they've got formed and trained analytical approach as we discover it at the present time. those writings could be welcomed by way of either trainee and training analysts.

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If we keep to this principle fruitless regression will not occur, because past and present are constantly kept in relation with one another and only those causes that actually operate in the present are taken up by the patient. Where then does the transference come into the picture? It provides good conditions for investigating this ‘actual situation’, so long as the essential simplicity and sufficient ‘naturalness’ of the interview is maintained and the analysis conducted with regard to the true relationship factor as well as to the illusions that appear alongside it.

Then I used to attack my mother by calling her ‘stupid’, a word that I had repeated in my transference NOTES ON THE TRANSFERENCE 33 interpretations to John. Evidently I had identified with the memory images and John had represented myself as a child while I, ceasing to be the analyst, represented my mother. Only when I had circumvented this reaction could I frame interpretations that brought me into relation with the boy’s ‘secret thoughts’; only from then onwards was I able to proceed with the analysis, understanding the child well enough for him to go on to reveal himself more and more fully.

As I am going to comment further on ideals, perhaps this is the place to state that the transpersonal analytic ideal held by analytical psychologists is most often expressed as a personality who does not need to formulate techniques, but who will operate correctly and therapeutically with his patients. , with safety because they are integrated into himself and adapted to the patient’s needs. It will be evident that fixed counter-transference illusions must feature most in the training of analysts.

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