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;Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A handbook for college students, lecturers, and Practitioners КНИГИ ;РАЗНОЕ Название: Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A handbook for college students, academics, and Practitioners Автор: H. David Coulter Издательство: physique and Breath Год издания:2001 Страниц: 623 Язык:АнглийскийФормат: djvu Размер: 16.1 Мб"Результат кропотливого труда и любови к теме, "АНАТОМИЯ ХАТХА-ЙОГИ" объясняет предмет исследования в научных, а не мистических терминах, одновременно отдавая дань уважения традиции. Йоге следовало пройти долгий путь к научному признанию, которого она заслуживает. Полезная и как учебник, и как справочник, эта книга должна стоять на полке у любого серьезного учителя или практика йоги. Она так же должна приветствоваться сочуствующими врачами - число которых постоянно увеличивается - так же, как физиотерапевтами и другими профессионалами в области здравоохранения".""АНАТОМИЯ ХАТХА-ЙОГИ" станет Библией для инструкторов и практиков йоги, которые ищут глубокого знания, объясняющего анатомию и физиологию изучаемого ими предмета. Пройдут годы, если не больше, прежде чем какая-либо книга сможет превзойти эту". eighty five

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The Need for Renunciation Those who aspire to enlightenment must turn away from their attachment to the appearances of this life and their attachment to future lives, meditating on the meaningful­ ness of leisure and fortune and the difficulty of finding it and the inevitability of suffering and death. It is said that without a strong intention to renounce cyclic existence there is no way to generate a strong aspiration to attain Buddhahood. As Dzong-ka-ba says in his Three Principal Aspects of the Path (lam gyi gtso bo rnam pa gsum):33 Without a complete thought definitely to leave Cyclic existence there is no way to stop Seeking pleasurable effects in the ocean of existence.

Rather, it is mindful­ ness of only the deity, or mindfulness of oneself and the deity as one. Though in general that [term] applies to meditating on both coarse and subtle deities, here it is the coarse yoga of divine residence and residents. . When one trains in the stage of generation, one initially generates a meditative sta­ bilization in which the coarse appears clearly. The visualization proceeds in accordance with a specific tantra's "means of achievement," * its sadhana; this is a meditation manual written to facilitate visualization.

However, they are as yet unable to cause the tiny deities located at the sense organs of the major deities to appear clearly. They can cause the entire coarse mandala to appear suddenly, but they are still work­ ing by stages on the addition of the subtle deities. Wisdom "descends" in the sense that at this level one imagines that visualized deities enter one's ordinary body through the top of the head and dissolve there, causing a special feeling, like goose bumps. 93 Those who have attained slight mastery with respect to wisdom are able to visualize clearly and frrmly the entire mandala, even the subtle deities at the sense organs of the larger deities, at one time.

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