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By Eugene Domack, Amy Leventer, Adam Burnett, Robert A. Bindschadler, Peter Convey, Matthew Kirby

Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.

The Antarctic Peninsula sector represents our greatest normal laboratory to enquire how earth's significant weather platforms engage and the way such platforms reply to fast neighborhood warming. the dimensions of environmental adjustments now happening around the area is huge and their speed speedy however the subsystems concerned are nonetheless sufficiently small to watch and competently rfile reason and impact mechanisms. for instance, explanation of ice shelf balance through the Larsen Ice Shelf is key to figuring out the whole Antarctic Ice Sheet, its weather evolution, and its reaction to and keep an eye on of sea point. via encompassing the broadest diversity of interdisciplinary experiences, this quantity presents the worldwide swap examine and academic groups a framework during which to boost our wisdom of the factors at the back of neighborhood warming, the dramatic glacial and ecological responses, and the aptitude specialty of the development in the region's paleoclimate list. the quantity additionally serves as an important source for public coverage and governmental investment organizations in addition to a method to coach the massive variety of ecotourists that stopover at the quarter each one austral summer.


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Rogers and van Loon [1982]). This mode is nowadays referred to as the Southern Hemisphere Annular Mode (SAM) or Antarctic Oscillation(AAO) [Thompsonand Wallace,2000]. Using a high-resolution regional atmosphericmodel, van den Broekeand van Lipzig [2003, thisvolume]showthatthe high-indexstateof the AAO is associatedwith an increasednortherlycomponentto the flow overthe Peninsulaandincreased troposalone. pheric temperaturesin this region. ' ANTARCTIC PENINSULA CLIMATE VARIABILITY AND ITS CAUSES 25 high-index state of the AAO, which may have con- extentat 70øW explainmore than 60% of the variability tributedtowardwarmingin the Peninsuladuringthe aus- in July temperaturesat Faraday [King and Harangozo, tral summerand fall.

Scamboset al. 06 data during periodsof rapid retreat of AP ice shelves. Theiranalysisrevealedthatmost breakupeventsoccurredduringmelt seasons. They suggestedthatmeltpondsare'a robustharbinger'of ice shelf ICE SHELVES i. ß ß ß .. ß . ß . . Thisprocesshadbeensuggested by MacAyeal et al. [1998] in connectionwith the Hemmen Ice Rise, near the northeast comer of the Filchner-Ronne Fig. 6. Secondprincipalcomponentof low-frequencySouthern Hemisphere200 hPa streamfunctionvariability. 06 are shaded. The zero con- tour is boldedandnegativecontoursare dashed.

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