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By Carlo A. Favero

Over the last ten years, financial volatility has come into its personal after being handled for many years as a secondary phenomenon in company cycle literature. This evolution has been pushed via the popularity of the everlasting unwanted effects of volatility on long-run development and inequality, particularly in terrible international locations. After providing simple positive aspects of volatility, this quantity investigates commodity cost volatility as an absorber and amplifier of shocks. the gathering then examines macroeconomic crises, that are pushed by way of a similar phenomena that make volatility tricky to regard successfully

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When a sequence does not have a limit we say the sequence diverges or is a divergent sequence. An example of a divergent sequence is хn = я 4- 3; 4, 5, 6, 7, ... с • i i i i ~1len a:~ that p(Xy y) _. 0 also. But this means x = y. Thus there can be only one limit fOf' a scqUCDCC { x,. }. 1rRP. ump1c of a diverpt sequeuce is as n -+ п x. = 3- If + 3; 4~ 5~ 6~ 77 2 i i 6 '•- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i i i i-i t2 345" Fig. г-* 3 As the reader will notice, all our examples have been in one-dimensional Euclidean space.

This is defined as p(x, y) = [(xt - Yt)2 + (xz - yJ2 + (xa - Ya)2]112 28 28 FUNCTIONS AND LIMITS Sec. 1 Thus we have a 3-dimensional Euclidean space with the distance between any two points defined. In general, if we let P — S1 x . . x Sn and two of its points x and y be FUNCTIONS AND LIMITS Thus we have a 3-dimensional Euclidean space with the distance between any two points defined. In general, if we Jet p = sl X . . 7я) then the distance between the two points x and y will be Euclidean space.

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