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A concise, moveable advisor for speaking in ArabicToday, Arabic is spoken in additional than 20 nations, and a couple of billion humans learn Arabic for spiritual purposes. This sensible consultant deals assistance on uncomplicated Arabic phrases and words and eases communique with Arabic audio system. Written as a better half to Arabic For Dummies, this booklet offers readers with the instruments to communicate with others in sleek common Arabic on a simple point. It makes use of real-world words largely to demonstrate grammatical ideas and supply possibilities to perform newfound skills.Amine Bouchentouf (New York, new york) is a local Arabic speaker from Morocco and the writer of Arabic For Dummies (978-0-471-77270-5).

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However, Arabic does employ a definite article, which is the prefix you attach to either the noun or the adjective you want to define. The rule The definite article in Arabic is the prefix al-. When you want to define a noun or adjective, you simply attach this prefix to the word. For example, “the book” is al-kitaab, and “the school” is al-madrasa. The inevitable exceptions Sometimes, the “l” in the prefix al- drops off and is replaced by a letter identical to the first letter of the word being defined.

When you combine a demonstrative clause with a definite subject noun and an indefinite adjective, the resulting phrase is a more descriptive “is/are” sentence: ✓ haadhihi al-bint jamiila. ) ✓ ‘ulaa’ika al-banaat Tawiilaat. ) ✓ tilka al-madrasa kabiira. ) Conversely, when you combine a demonstrative clause with a definite subject noun and a definite adjective, you get a regular demonstrative phrase: ✓ haadhaa ar-rajul al-jamiil (hah-zah ah-rah-jool al-jah-meel; that handsome man) ✓ dhaalika al-kitaab al-‘ajiib (zah-lee-kah al-keetab al-ah-jeeb; that amazing book) ✓ tilka al-madiina aS-Saghiira (teel-kah al-mahdee-nah ah-sah-ghee-rah; that small city) Forming “to be” sentences using personal pronouns Personal pronouns stand in for people, places, things, or ideas.

Table 2-1 lists some common Arabic nouns. You’ll notice that I’ve listed both singular and plural forms of some nouns, as well as masculine (M) and feminine (F) forms of others. Table 2-1 Common Nouns in Arabic Arabic Pronunciation Translation walad wah-lad boy ‘awlaad aw-lad boys bint bee-net girl banaat bah-nat girls tilmiidh teel-meez student (M) tilmiidha teel-mee-zah student (F) mudarris moo-dah-rees teacher (M) mudarrisa moo-dah-ree-sah teacher (F) kitaab kee-tab book Taawila tah-wee-lah table sayyaara sah-yah-rah car Identifying adjectives In Arabic, an adjective must be in agreement with the noun it modifies in both gender and plurality.

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