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Agent-based computational modeling with its intrinsic multidisciplinary procedure is gaining expanding acceptance within the social sciences, fairly in economics, company and finance. The technique is now customary to compute analytical versions numerically and try out them for departures from theoretical assumptions, and to supply stand-alone simulation versions for difficulties which are analytically intractable.This quantity is dedicated to contemporary contributions to the sphere from either the social sciences and machine sciences. It provides functions of agent-based computational methodologies and instruments within the social sciences, focusing strongly at the makes use of, standards and constraints of agent-based types hired by way of social scientists. subject matters comprise agent-based macroeconomics, the emergence of norms and conventions, the dynamics of social and monetary networks, and behavioral types in monetary markets.

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Discretionary monetary policy in forward looking models. Technical report, The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 2004. M. Raberto, A. Teglio, and S. Cincotti. A general equilibrium model of a production economy with asset markets. Physica A, 370(1):75–80, 2006. B. Taylor. Discretion versus policy rule in practice. In CarnegieRochester Conference Series on Public Policy, volume 39, pages 195– 214, 1993. L. Tesfatsion and K. Judd. Agent-Based Computational Economics, volume 2 of Handbook of Computational Economics.

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