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By Dharma Mittra

A useful source for the start, intermediate, or complicated yoga practitioner, this publication comprises black-and-white pictures of 608 separate yoga postures from the recognized yogi, Dharma Mittra.

In 1974, the mythical "teacher of teachers" yogi Dharma Mittra photographed himself in 908 yoga postures. He revealed each one picture as an eight x 10 and pasted them jointly to shape a poster, developing the last word Yoga Chart as a present for his instructor, Swami Kailashananda (Yogi Gupta). Asanas collects 608 of these black-and-white pictures, each one followed by means of the English identify of the pose and the Sanskrit characters, short remark, and particular combos for Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Iyengar perform. There are feedback for starting, intermediate, and complicated yoga practitioners, in addition to an inventory of poses precious for specific illnesses and chakra relationships. since it builds on simple postures, Asanas will attract scholars of any of the a hundred yoga styles.

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Divisions of the Stage of Generation 51 55-6), one moves from the stage of generation to the stage of completion. Three Meditative Stabilizations Another way to distinguish phases of the stage of generation is by way of the three meditative stabilizations. The three meditative stabilizations are a way of describing the various degrees of accomplishment in visualization. The first of these three is “initial application”*, in which one works on generating the clear appearance of the divine environment and the basic figures of the mandala; the second is “sup­ reme king of mandalas,”* in which one generates the full mandala; and the third is “supreme king of actions,”*88 in which one imaginatively acts as the deity, doing various activities such as purifying places and beings.

76 Winds can move both into and out of the central channel General Features o f the Stage of Generation 45 at any of the channel wheels, not merely at just the upper and lower openings. However, the same knots that constrict the vertical movement of winds in the central channel also “plug” the central channel ends of the spokes or petals. 78 As more winds enter the central channel, brea­ thing becomes progressively weaker and finally ceases altogether. Dissolution of Winds In the context of the three lower tantra sets — Action Tantra, Performance Tantra, and Yoga Tantra — gaining control over the winds means to be able to restrain the senses by preventing the winds they depend on from going out of the “doors” (the eyes, ears, and so forth) of the senses.

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