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By Sean Faircloth, Richard Dawkins, Pitchstone Publishing

Whereas a lot of the general public debate within the usa over church-state concerns has all in favour of the development of nativity scenes on the town squares and the addition of "under God" to the Pledge, Faircloth, who served ten years within the Maine legislature and is now Director of technique & coverage for the U.S. Richard Dawkins beginning, strikes past the symbolism to discover the numerous methods federal and nation criminal codes privilege faith in law.See nice studies lower than

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Let us assume a young politician preparing to run for Congress enters our consulting firm. How will we help this candidate? As Majority Whip of my legislature, I helped recruit candidates. A smart first step is to vet candidates. Google the heck out of them. See what they might have said that the opposition will inevitably dig up. ” Quote three: The candidate hopes that “the human mind will get back to the freedom it enjoyed 2,000 years ago”—that is, before the advent of Christianity. ” In the real world of politics, how would we political consultants advise this aspiring candidate?

These two traditions offer a defining choice regarding the future of our Republic. Chapters 6 and 7 contrast the unprecedented number of theocratic politicians in high elective office today and their worldviews with those who speak for the traditions of people like Jefferson, Madison, and Darrow. Chapter 8 describes the dramatic growth of the secular demographic despite the still pervasive power of theocrats in America. Chapter 9 presents my plan for returning America to its secular heritage, and chapter 10 presents a vision of what a secular America will look like once we return to the heritage of our founding.

Thus, their finances are the most secretive of any so-called charitable organization. For-profit businesses, of course, must file detailed tax documents. So must 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Because the finances of religious organizations are akin to the proverbial black box, it is difficult to even find out whether something improper has occurred. Only a “high-level” IRS official can even authorize an audit of a religious organization. Meanwhile, the rest of us—whether individuals, for-profit businesses, or secular nonprofits—can be audited by any old IRS bureaucrat.

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