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This e-book is a facsimile reprint and should comprise imperfections similar to marks, notations, marginalia and improper pages.

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Thus, the spleen also participates in the "emergency operation" that is launched at times when disease could harm the human body. Another Production Centre: The Lymph Nodes In the human body, there is a police force and a police intelligence organization scattered throughout the body. In this system, there are also police stations which have policemen on guard, and which produce new policemen when required. This system is the lymphatic system and the police stations are the lymph nodes. The policemen of the system are lymphocytes.

It knows the formula by heart. It is quite difficult for a human being to memorise the shape of even a single key. So, is it possible for a person to keep in mind the three-dimensional designs of millions of keys that are to open millions of locks? Definitely not. However, a B cell so small as to be imperceptible by the eye keeps millions of bits of information in its memory, and uses them in correct combinations in a conscious way. The storage of millions of formulae in a miniscule cell is a great miracle presented to man.

The secret of this phenomenon lies in the existence of a Creator, Who created these organisms with the abilities they possess. The features of the virus are perfectly designed to enable it to make use of the system operating in the cell. It is obvious that the power that created the virus is also well informed about the extremely complex working principles of the cell. This power belongs to Allah, Who created the virus and the cell into which it will settle, as He created the entire universe. The virus, which, with its miniscule structure, can inflict and sometimes even cause the death of the human body, which is millions of times bigger than itself in size, is a being Allah has specially created to remind people of their weaknesses.

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