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By Sally Kempton

Kempton indicates readers how you can realize and invite: Kali, bringer of energy, fierce love, and untamed freedom Lakshmi, who confers prosperity and sweetness Saraswati, for readability of verbal exchange and instinct Radha, who incorporates the divine power of non secular longing Bhuvaneshvari, who creates the distance for sacred transformation Parvati, to rouse creativity and the potential to like. With a wealth of meditations, visualizations, mantras, teachings, and tales, this booklet offers a pragmatic consultant for activating the currents of the divine female in each element of your lifestyles.

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If using a towel fold it over so you have some cushioning to support the whole back. • A small towel to use under the head when needed. • A long scarf or exercise band. • A small soft ball or cushion. • A yoga block or telephone directory to sit on. • Some peace and quiet. Take the phone off the hook and turn your mobile phone to silent. • Wear something comfortable so as not to restrict your movements as any tight clothing will be uncomfortable. • It is nice to have some background music playing.

Start Position • Supine set position. Technique Breathe in keeping the pelvis neutral. 2 Breathe o ut and tense (engage) the Transverse Abdom inus and pelvic floor. Tilt the pelvis to impri nt the spine. 3 Breathe in. 2 4 Breathe out to return to ne utral pelvis and relax. Repetitions • Repeat 10 times, reduc ing to 5 as it becomes automatic. = 4 Hints & Tips • Keep neck alignment by maintaining the gap between chin and ch est. • Don't squeeze the buttocks. knee drop Beginner Objective: To strengthen core stabilisers by moving the legs and to mobilise the hip.

Your knees are in line with your hip bones. • Your pelvis is in a neutral position. • Engage the Transverse Abdominus muscles. • Your rib cage is soft and down. 2 Breathe out and engage the Transverse Abdominus and pelvic floor muscles and raise your arms to shoulder height 3 Breathe in to lower the arms back down to your side. Keep your shoulders away from your ears, arms by your side. • • Keep your shoulder blades down and engaged. 1 • Breathe in to prepare and breathe out to move. • Engage your pelvic floor.

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