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By Gabriel Stux, Bruce Pomeranz, P. Kofen, K.A. Sahm

Basics of Acupuncture indicates that it's attainable to mix Western medication with conventional chinese language options. a brief advent at the concept of conventional chinese language medication is by way of an in depth account of analysis. the most half makes a speciality of the outline of the chinese language platforms of channels, practical organs and an important acupuncture issues. the rest of the e-book is dedicated to remedy, in response to western modes of prognosis. The tools and functions of needling and moxibustion are defined, and crucial issues are given for often encountered diseases.

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The relative roles of the ascending and descending tracts need to be clarified. 22 In conclusion, there is no doubt that the monoamines (serotonin and norepinephrine) play a role in AA. Serotonin projections from the raphe to higher centers may mediate AA. Descending projections to the spinal cord (via DLT) may work in synergism with descending norepinephrine effects to block pain transmission in the spinal cord. 4 Evidence for Pituitary Hypothalamic System and Acupuncture Analgesia The third possible center mediating low-frequency endorphin analgesia is the pituitary-hypothalamic system.

5 mg/kg, i. ), indomethacin (2 mg/kg, i. 001 mg, i. ) produced antihyperalgesia effects better than those from EA or drug alone [223 f]. 6 Conclusions In conclusion, the evidence for the mediation of AA by endorphins is very strong, while that for the involvement of monoamines needs more work to verify the possible synergism of serotonin and norepinephrine. Moreover, the circuits depicted in Figs. 1 and 2 are quite well established, although there is some uncertainty about the role of the pituitary.

The overwhelming evidence supports the AA-endorphin hypothesis. 20 Zhang [223 d] reviewed other differences between AA and stress analgesia: • AA is naloxone reversible, but stress analgesia is only partly antagonized by large doses of naloxone (20 times higher than that for reversing AA). • Plasma cAMP levels decrease during AA but rise during stress analgesia. • The periaqueductal gray is essential for AA but not for stress analgesia. • Dorsolateral spinal cord lesion eliminate AA but not stress analgesia.

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