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By Gary Koop

Bayesian Econometrics introduces the reader to using Bayesian tools within the box of econometrics on the complicated undergraduate or graduate point. The e-book is self-contained and doesn't require prior education in econometrics. the point of interest is on types utilized by utilized economists and the computational strategies essential to enforce Bayesian tools while doing empirical paintings. It contains quite a few numerical examples and subject matters coated within the booklet comprise:

  • the regression version (and versions acceptable to be used with panel info
  • time sequence types
  • models for qualitative or censored facts
  • nonparametric tools and Bayesian version averaging.

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Extra info for Bayesian econometrics

Example text

Hjy/dh), the marginal posterior distribution for þ is a t distribution. 18) provide insight into how Bayesian methods combine prior and data information in a very simple model and, hence, it is worth discussing them in some detail. Note, first, that the results the Bayesian econometrician would wish to report all can be written out analytically, and do not involve integration. In Chapter 1, we stressed that Bayesian inference often required posterior simulation. The linear regression model with Normal-Gamma natural conjugate prior is one case where posterior simulation is not required.

2/ can be different. 2/ and, hence, k1 < k2 . Thus, having k1 6D k2 is quite common. The problem with interpreting posterior odds ratios in this case occurs because of the term jV j j. If we set V j 1 D cIk j , then jV j j D 1k j . 36) should convince you that terms involving c will not cancel out. In fact, provided the prior odds ratio is positive and finite, if k1 < k2 , P O12 becomes infinite, while if k1 > k2 , P O12 goes to zero. In other words, the posterior odds ratio will always lend overwhelming support for the model with fewer parameters, regardless of the data.

Suppose interest centers on predicting an unobserved data point generated from the same model. 36) where y Ł is not observed. e. 1)). It is also necessary to assume x Ł is observed. g. years of education). If interest focuses ✑✓✒ 27 Linear Regression Model with a Single Variable on predicting the wage of a new worker, we would have to know her years of education in order to form a meaningful prediction. y Ł jþ; h/. y Ł jþ; h/. 37) yields (Zellner, 1971, pp. 1 C V x Ł2 /, and degrees of freedom ¹.

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