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By Joshua Backfield

In case you have an crucial (and most likely object-oriented) programming history, this hands-on ebook will consultant you thru the alien international of sensible programming. writer Joshua Backfield starts off slowly by way of exhibiting you the way to use the main worthwhile implementation thoughts prior to taking you extra into functional-style suggestions and practices.

In each one bankruptcy, you’ll examine a sensible notion after which use it to refactor the fictitious XXY company’s imperative-style legacy code, writing and trying out the sensible code your self. As you move in the course of the ebook, you’ll migrate from Java 7 to Groovy and at last to Scala because the desire for greater sensible language aid progressively increases.

• research why today’s finely tuned functions paintings larger with sensible code
• remodel imperative-style styles into useful code, following uncomplicated steps
• wake up to hurry with Groovy and Scala via examples
• know the way first class features are handed and lower back from different functions
• Convert current equipment into natural features, and loops into recursive methods
• swap mutable variables into immutable variables
• Get hands-on adventure with statements and nonstrict evaluations
• Use useful programming along object-oriented layout

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This is a style of programming we have been used to for many years, but as business and user needs grow, these applications grow in complexity as well, and better abstractions are needed to handle the dependencies between all the components of an application. Another great example that deals with managing complexity around network trafic is Netlix, which uses CES to provide a reactive API to their backend services. Complex GUIs and animations Games are, perhaps, the best example of complex user interfaces as they have intricate requirements around user input and animations.

Shutdown pool)) The init-scheduler function creates ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor with the given number of threads. That's the thread pool in which our periodic function will run. The run-every function schedules a function f in the given pool to run at the interval speciied by millis. Finally, shutdown is a function that will be called on program termination and shutdown the thread pool gracefully. The rest of the program puts all these parts together: (defn share-price [company-code] (Thread/sleep 200) (rand-int 1000)) (defn -main [& args] (show!

We're required to use interoperability and call the method directly on the Observable class from RxJava. Observable/interval takes as arguments a number and a time unit. In this case, we are telling it to emit an integer—starting from zero—every 100 milliseconds. If we type this in an REPL-connected editor, however, two things will happen: • We will not see any output (depending on your REPL; this is true for Emacs) • We will have a rogue thread emitting numbers indeinitely Both issues arise from the fact that Observable/interval is the irst factory method we have used that doesn't emit values synchronously.

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