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By S. Grovogui

This e-book re-evaluates 'international wisdom' in gentle of modern scholarship within the fields of hermeneutics, ethnography, and historiography concerning the 'non-West', the previous, and the current of overseas society. It bargains a view of the current within the kind of a critique of Euro-centrism and occidentalist perspectives of the postwar order.

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This is not the place to engage in a fall-scale description of the forces that led to religion's being obscured nor to define modernity and modernization. Whoever listens to the rhetoric of the ayatollahs, rabbis, priests, and pastors who call attention to religion and who often exploit it, "modernity" is a kind of code word for any of the erosive forces that threaten self-identity. Some who observe the scene might conclude that technological change is vital to the disruption of faith communities.

Most books of prophecy missed the point that has become clear now, near the end of the century, the end of the millennium. It turns out that most of the antireligious totalitarianisms are long gone. China, North Korea, and Cuba, in their own very different ways, are among the few exceptions. The bipolar concept of nations massed on both sides of an iron curtain or a set of walls is not available for a creative address to the world Page 8 situation today. Instead, small nations and the tribes within them or the social groups that transgress the imposed boundaries of nations are the main agents of wars.

Finally, Nathan Glazer speaks of American multiculturalism in a case study of a nation where racism remains strong and ethnic differentiation is rich but where late in this century there have been few mass or lethal explosions of religiously legitimated ethnic contesting. While Glazer stresses the religious dimensions less than some others, it is implied, and it does color the cultural and multicultural scene. " Among them, religion is a more obvious factor with which to reckon. When the New Christian Right was beginning to be observed in the United States in the 1970s, I recall being asked about how to address it from outside.

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