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By Stanislav Grof

Past the mind heavily demanding situations the present neurophysiological versions of the mind. After 3 many years of intensive study on these non-ordinary states of cognizance brought about by way of psychedelic medications and through different capacity, Grof concludes that our current clinical global view is as insufficient as a lot of its historic predecessors. during this pioneering paintings, he proposes a brand new version of the human psyche that takes account of his findings.

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From this point of view, even the phlogiston theory could never have been disproved, had it not been generalized beyond the realm of phenomena that it could account for. After a paradigm shift, the old theory can be seen in some sense as a special case of the new one, but it must be reformulated and transformed for that purpose. This revision can be undertaken only because the scientist can use the advantages of hindsight; it involves a change of the meaning of fundamental concepts. Thus, Newton's mechanics can be reinterpreted as a special case of Einstein's theory of relativity, and an explanation can be offered for its working within the limits of its applicability.

Violations of the basic epistemological rules have not been mere accidental events; throughout history they have been absolutely necessary for scientific progress. The most successful scientific inquiries have never proceeded according to the rational method. In the history of science in general, and in the time of great revolutions in particular, a more determined application of the canons of current scientific method would not have accelerated the development; it would have brought it to a standstill.

The limited knowledge of nature that has existed in successive historical periods has been seen by the practitioners of science of those times as a comprehensive image of reality that was incomplete only in details. This observation is so striking that it would be easy for a historian to present the development of science as a history of errors and idiosyncrasies rather than as a systematic accumulation of information and a gradual approximation to ultimate truth. " Most scientists spend all their time pursuing normal science; consequently, in the past, this particular aspect of scientific activity has become synonymous with science itself.

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