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By Laura Lee

an awesome, enlightening, and forever exciting examine how climate has formed our global.

all through heritage, nice leaders have fallen, the results of strong battles were decided, and the tides of earth-shattering occasions were grew to become through a robust, inscrutable strength of nature: the elements. In Blame It at the Rain , writer Laura Lee explores the superb and occasionally extraordinary ways that climate has prompted our background and helped to result in sweeping cultural switch. She additionally delights us with a plethora of interesting weather-related evidence (Did you recognize that extra Britons die of sunburn each year than Australians?), whereas delivering readers a hilarious evaluate of humankind's many absurd makes an attempt to regulate the weather.

  • If a weather-produced blight hadn't seriously broken French vineyards, there may possibly by no means were a California wine undefined. . . .

  • What climate phenomenon was once chargeable for the sound of the Stradivarius?

  • If there were a past due autumn in Russia, Hitler may have gained international battle II. . . .

  • Did climate play an element in Truman's victory over Dewey?

Eye-opening, edifying, and completely unforeseen, Blame It at the Rain is an engaging appreciation of the destiny-altering vagaries of mom nature—and it truly is much more enjoyable than staring at the elements Channel!

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