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By Dermot P. J. Walsh (auth.)

Drawing on unique examine into explosive proof which have been hid for twenty-five years, this publication bargains a devastating critique of the professional Widgery Inquiry into the bloodbath of blameless and unarmed civilians by way of British infantrymen on Bloody Sunday. It exposes the Inquiry as a gross denial of justice and the guideline of legislation. specialist research of the subordination of legislation to safeguard coverage in Northern eire unearths that the Bloody Sunday event is an essential component of a sustained trend. Belated clients for a recovery of justice and the guideline of legislation are present in the great Friday Peace contract and the extraordinary institution of a moment Tribunal of Inquiry into Bloody Sunday.

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In many cases the insides of houses were literally ripped apart by soldiers looking for arms. The courts upheld the legality of these actions in the prosecution of those who refused to obey army instructions to stay indoors, and in civil actions for damages for wrongful arrest. The searches produced a haul of 30 rifles, 24 shotguns and 52 pistols. The significance of these finds, however, was dwarfed by the effect that the whole operation had on nationalist alienation from the security forces and the growth of the IRA.

The organisers’ attempts to proceed in defiance of the ban were thwarted by what can only be described as the brutal and indiscriminate use of batons and water cannon by the police. The message to NICRA and Catholics generally was very clear. The northern state would not tolerate public demonstrations of their grievances against the state and would resort to banning orders and brutal force to suppress them. On this occasion, however, the police excesses were captured on television and broadcast around the world.

Almost invariably the police would intervene between the rival factions with their face towards the nationalist rioters and their backs towards the unionist rioters. Not only did this mean that the nationalists were at the receiving end of police baton charges, water cannon and so on, but it also conveyed the impression that the police were taking the part of the unionist rioters. In other words it reinforced the nationalist perception that the police were an integral part of the hostile unionist establishment.

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