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By Deepak Chopra M.D.

Dr. Chopra provides an method of casting off fatigue and to regaining a feeling of strength and energy that's established upon one's Ayurvedic physique kind and the right kind stability of brain and physique. LG Alternate.

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The production of metabolic energy depends on a number of critical factors, including the kinds of foods you eat, your overall state of health, the amount and quality of the air you breathe, and even the thoughts and emotions you’re constantly experiencing. Much has been written in recent years about the importance of good eating habits to health and vitality. But from an Ayurvedic viewpoint, strength of digestion is even more important than nutrition. Indeed, the nutritional value of any food is only useful to the extent that your body can access it through the digestive process.

Although plain water is the best cleanser, once or twice a day you can add some lemon, which can even have an additional cleansing effect. You shouldn’t drink lemon water every half-hour, however. The third new technique for improving digestion and eliminating ama is to periodically take a full day during which you consume only liquids and eat no solid foods. This allows your gastrointestinal organs to take a twenty-four-hour rest. Impurities will be cleansed from your system during that interval, and afterward your digestive fire will be rekindled, stronger than before.

Although there is currently no firm agreement among health care professionals regarding the cause of the problem, there is evidence that suggests viral infection and malfunction of the immune system may be involved. Data from the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that true Chronic Fatigue Syndrome affects between 100,000 and 250,000 adults nationwide. These people experience a type of fatigue that is sufficiently intense and persistent to reduce normal daily activities by at least 50 percent for a minimum of six months, and it also includes specific physiological symptoms that distinguish CFS from a simple lack of energy.

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