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This can be a ebook that mixes a few company and IT strategies, boiling them right into a formulation for ensuring a firm makes use of expertise, technique, governance and the know-how employees to make sure enterprise effects. easily know-how for technology's sake won't maintain a firm within the video game, know-how to realize organizational productiveness are what really count as mentioned through Kolwala.

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IT, Creativity, and Organizational Learning Today. using new IT 10 help pcuplc. groups. ami organizalions 10 be crealive and enhan\:e organ intional innovation and learning is a major challenge. Cre(l/; ("itl' is the generation of novel and useful ideas. One of its outcomes is ;mwI'ol;ol/. Ire produccd. Thc United Stales is home 10 some of Ihe moSt innovative companies in Ihe world. and innovation is the direct result or outcome of the le\'el of cremivity in an org3l1ization. IT plays a major rolc in fostering creativity and innovation because it changes OBs and procedures.

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