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This should be repeated hundred times. O ther details are as above. [ 15 ] ( Thus is bhallataka t a i l a ). a, bhallataka-taila, bhallataka-palala,bhallataka-saktu, bhallataka-lavana and bhall5taka-tarpana. [16] RR^R xTfR— R^TcPfirfR cftiPRtfR RRftsqfiraRTfR R I RRFR^RRqifR RRtRTJ q R q f t H w I j f r lE T O at a h d R ts te a r fa ro ts fta t o r i g a r r f ^ trv t R R tM K f C T R dhf E r W II K& II II II Ii ^ ( j R r RSTRRftfR! I ) ii 19 c h ik it s a s t h a n a m II rftotrt: 3*1 jts 'w BIST RRl B S I W r a i T n n a i H f o i ** r r ^ : =R I n n R«TOTR *P£cR f a f ^ R RcTT- II II < F R T q T g : R ^ § s t t o t o r : ^«T pSfR J I *3 R RRfof a : f ¥ w ^ R T f ^ : II ?

Led to th irty which is the maximum dose. -In this way, th e to tal num ber of fruits taken comes to one thousand. W hen the drug is digested, one should tak e ¿ali o r §a§{ika rice with milk added with ghee. After th e treatm ent is over, th e patient should live on m ilk diet for the period double to th a t of tre a tm e n t By this one attains stable life-span o f one hundred years w ithout senility. O th er attainm ents are as said earlier. [ 13 ] ( Thus is bhallataka-k§Ira ) R g i a r o f s r a f l g a iR f rfW r y T q w «j r t r it o R tR R tfp fR R R sl^ R ; fR « n a c R W C T t a s w lta fi: s r t o $ * r R q ifa , R R R R T R R ^ b n j ^ f e p r ^ R R ^ i r ^ \ R c R R tR ra R R R R ^ rc R R f e n j c f t f l r ^ i r m ii ii ( I) T h e fruits of bhallataka should be crushed and filled in a heating vessel which is put on a firm and uncted pitcher already dug underground u p to the neck covered with a lid.

Siw if 51^ ^ eqR 5***? ^ n r ii *o ii , 3t

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